Sep 1, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Rest

Linking up with Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama again today! I forget how much these short posts really do re-energize me until I do them. :)

Five minutes, without worrying about being perfect. Just creativity flowing. Ahh...

This week's topic is rest. How. Appropriate!


Rest. What is that, exactly? I honestly don't know. But I do know this.

Rest isn't when you're half-crazed, trying to round up the things you need for a third week away from home.

Rest isn't when you're once again in the van, listening to your baby cry because she wants to get out and play.

Rest isn't when your husband is frantically trying to find people who will sponsor the radio station he's managing.

Rest isn't when you're in a smoke-filled room for the third night in a row, wondering how on earth you'll ever get rid of that smell.

Rest isn't when you're left wondering why or how or isn't when you're stressed beyond measure, trying to trust and have faith when everything is crashing around you. Again.


Rest is reading scripture over and over again because, yes, Jeremiah gets it!

Rest is remembering that God loves, He hasn't forgotten, that He does all things for good.

Rest is the peace that steals in, unnoticed, amidst the chaos and stress, and lets husband and wife enjoy dancing when little one has gone to bed.

Has my life been restful lately? No. But He has led me to find rest anyway.


The grace and the craziness never stop flowing! :)


Jen@ADropintheBucket said...

Isn't it great to get those unexpected moments of rest? Hope you get a bit more of a restful weekend.

Lindsey said...

Amen! I posted after you today but read your post after I wrote mine and yet they are similar in leading us back to our Father. May you find rest in Him!

Lori said...

Beautiful! Isn't it amazing that we can be busy with our daily lives and yet be at rest. Still boggles my mind sometimes.
Thanks so much for stopping by via 5min. So nice to meet you. Your blog is really pretty.

Caroline said...

Beautiful, beautiful thoughts on what rest is in Him.