Apr 15, 2011

I Can Go the Distance!

Woohoo! It's Friday again! Beautiful, wonderful, sleep-deprived-at-12-AM Friday! Almost makes me think about the song by Rebecca Black...almost. Crud. Now I think it's stuck. The almost didn't work. (Please remember...sleep deprived...) Anyway, once again it's time to join up with The Gypsy Mama and ignite the creative juices. This week's topic: On Distance. (By the way, sorry about the misleading title. Hercules just popped into my head...I told ya: sleep deprived.)

The rules are the same: just write for five minutes, no editing, no worrying about making it perfect (ahem...), and hit publish whether it makes sense or not. This is going to be fun for me tonight, I can already tell.


Distance. I immediately think of driving 6 hours from Blue Mountain to Picayune, home to my family after being in college. That incredibly long, boring drive after a full day of classes. Yawn. Now, I'm a little closer to my family. It's only 3 hours or so, but with gas prices, it might as well be Alaska.

That's the funny thing about distance: it can seem so much further than it really is. After all, it would probably take me maybe an hour tops to get home by plane. Or if I sped the entire way there. Then again, hiking or driving a wagon to Jackson would take days or weeks. Distance can be relative.

Now, there is definitely a marked amount of mileage for a certain route. Yet there are always pit stops along the way. Gas stations and restaurants. Stores. Eating up time, making it take longer.

Lately, I've realized more and more that the distance that I put between myself and God is also relative. When I was depressed after the miscarriages, it seemed like there was a huge, devastating hole between us. In reality, He was there the entire time.


Boo. Maybe it's good that the timer went off, though. I could go on for ages about this "relative distance" idea, so only five minutes gives a much quicker read. ;) Happy Friday, friends!

(update: apparently my sleep-deprived self didn't see the connection...but I guess the title actually does make sense!)


Krista said...

Your last comment about distance from God hits home with me. I've been feeling so far away for a long time and struggling to get back. Maybe it's time for me to turn of this computer and go spend some time with Him before bed. :)

Claire said...

What a great post. Really thought-provoking.


Rambling Heather said...

Oh how I needed to hear this. "Lately, I've realized more and more that the distance that I put between myself and God is also relative." Such beautiful convicting words!

Lindsey said...

Your sleep deprived self makes me happy. Your words are creative and insightful!

Cara @ Whimsy Smitten said...

Yes, distance is relative and not only in miles. Beautiful words, sleep deprived or otherwise! :)

Carey C. Bailey said...

Prayers. Thank you for your realness. With Joy, Carey