Aug 26, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Older

She has light brown hair that's slowly getting fuller, though it's still thin. Every now and then, in the sunshine, you can see streaks of red, promises of a fiery spirit.

She has two teeth now...two! Just a month ago, she had none.

She looks over at strangers in the restaurants and gabs at them until they notice her, and her biggest smiles come when she's entertaining someone. She loves dancing with her Daddy and me, too. Music is still her favorite.

She's eating toddler snacks and raw fruits and veggies. She loves toast strips and hates naps. She's always on the move, and she's getting faster every day!

No, she isn't my baby anymore, but I don't want her to be. She's growing into her personality, and I love watching her blossom.

Older, yes. Sweeter, of course! More of a diva? You bet! And I'm loving every. single. minute. of it all! Well, except for when she fights her naps. ;)

Linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five-Minute Friday again! Join in on the fun! :)


Patty Ann said...

Love it. I miss those moments with my own children, but love the places they are in. Visiting from Gypsy Mama's.

Jen said...

So cute! What a beautiful daughter, and a great post. The time DOES fly by (I have a six month old and 2 1/2 year old. Hope you enjoy every minute.

Amy Sullivan said...

Ah, yes, the promise of a firey spirit shows through in this pic! I have one that also "gabs at strangers until they notice her".

Nice meeting you through the link-up.

Monika said...

She is ADORABLE!! You can see her personality shine through in even this one picture on the blog. I love watching my daughter grow's amazing to see them blossom! :-)

Caroline said...

Oh yes, it really, really does happen so fast, doesn't it? Those teeth do come in quickly! My son is getting all FOUR of his canine teeth right now - at once! Then he'll only have four more to go (molars) before he actually has all twenty baby teeth. That seems like a big step!

Happy Friday.